waiting for you to wake up

by Siblings

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you are here, you are gone. remember.

An album for Tom, Lethargy and Sadness. Enjoy.


released January 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Siblings Manchester, UK

Trans communist making sounds for your séance

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Track Name: we’ll start school in a year or two
sometimes i feel like i don’t tell my parents that i love them enough
and I’m worried that i won’t get a chance to before they die and none of it will mean anything anymore
I’m tired and i cant stand up straight and i cant keep pretending that everything’s okay
sometimes its so quite, so strange, like flickers in the darkness
and i’ll keep trying, i’ll keep trying
Track Name: i get sad a lot and that’s okay
Take a breath and lose yourself, just take your time, it’s all gone wrong again.
Black and blue lovers mend and his fingers fumble around your waist.
You said that you wish you cared like i did and you were in a horrible mood when we said goodbye.
Im so bored of all the doubt and sentiment, and i tried.
I’m happier now that he’s gone and you’re staring at the wall with such fear in your eyes.
I wish I could kiss every inch of your body so i could mark it as my own but i know id only taste him.
i’ll cling to your scars with a morbid delight, cutting into my fingers and callouses.
I loved who you could be not who you were most of the time.
I don’t miss your flesh i miss being around you.
I still get nervous in public places, more so now without your hand in mine.
You make me hate all my favourite songs and even my notes were written badly.
I’ve had the words why won’t i die written in a journal for four years.
Sometimes the noise stops and all you hear is your heart,
and there’s nothing.